Monday, September 28, 2009

#18 UGA vs #4 LSU

Georgia lines up against the #4 team in the nation this Saturday. Why is LSU #4? They are 4-0 and because they have moved up thanks to the unfortunates of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, USC, Ohio State. I wouldn't say LSU has earned the #4 spot but you can't complain, they havn't lost - at least not yet. I can see Georgia winning this game. IF Georgia can protect the football I think we have an outstanding chance.

I sure hope the Georgia fans are out strong for the game. I remember sitting in Sanford in 2004 when LSU came to town and I have never heard anything that loud in my life. It was one of the greatest feelings ever. I hope to hear the same this Saturday.

I haven't watched too much of LSU this year. I was highly intoxicated watching them play Washington and I wasn't impressed. That doesn't really mean much though, you could say my judgement was a little blurry.

From what I understand there is a lot of worries in the bayou about their Tigers. Their o-line is weak, their QB is a true sophmore and is mistake prone, and their running game ran for a wimpy 35 yards last week.

What does that mean for Georgia? Well, it tells me Houston, Owens, Adkins and Weston should have a field day. Maybe just maybe their QB will make more mistakes than ours. Bottom line is that Georgia will not win this game with 3 turnovers. We can't do play will be key. With that said, I do not want to see the play calling super safe and Georgia playing skeerd on offense.

Team stats through 4 games -

Total Offense -

Georgia #74

LSU #105

Total Defense -

Georgia #67

LSU #49

Scoring Offense -

Georgia #44

LSU #53

Scoring Defense -

Georgia #95

LSU #23


Does anyone remember Stafon Johnson? I sure as hell do! I remember the day he was going to announce his "college of choice". Me and Wes sat out in his car for an hour listening to XM radio and his announcement. He was choosing between Georgia and USC. Well we all know he isn't a Dawg but he was involved in a weird accident yesterday. Espn had the first report.

Who's hot and who's not by Chris Low

SEC power ranking by Chris Low

Green dazzles UGA teammates, too - AJC

Bulldogs To Have Open Date Before Florida On 2011 Schedule? -

Game notes

I wanted it so bad. I wanted Georgia to jump out to a relaxing lead so we could see more of Brown, Wooten, and Gray. I wanted to see Rambo, Pugh, Commings and Smith get extesnsive playing time. (Yes, Rambo and Wooten made big plays) I wanted to see more.

Finally I though it was going to happen, Georgia jumped out to a 14-3 lead and all of sudden things changed again - The play calling was bad and the o-line wasn't getting any push.

*Seriously, what was the o-line doing? MORE false starts. We couldn't get a push to pick up these 1 yard third downs. It was Arizona State, they aren't very good, they just traveled across the country and they whipped us up front, that's bad.

*Evans out, Rambo in. Please. Rambo looked great to me Saurday night. He was all around that ball and making plays. What took so long? If the coaches would back off of Evans' jock and quit playing him because he's a senior we might have a better chance of winning. How hard is it? His last name is Rambo people! With a name like that you almost have to play him immediately, it's freakin' Rambo! Georgia now has RAMBO hunting heads in the secondary - I love it. This is what Willie Martinez said about Rambo after the game, "I should have been playing him more". No shit Willie.

*AJ Green - best WR in the country. He should be on the heisman radar. Do I think he will win it, no. Should he be in the picture at this point in the season, yes. Julio Jones, please. Julio is worthy of messaging AJ's feet after each game.

*Can I please see Logan Gray run more than the QB option?

*The defense only gave up 204 total yards on Saturday. I don't know how I can complain about it. But I still will. Yes, they only gave up 204 yards but they just didn't look good. I did like the way Martinez rifled through his players though. He changed players in and out on almost every play - he coached like the fans were upset with him...go figure? It was good to see, he seemed active and motivated on the sideline.

Tebow got pounded on Saturday. Finally it ended ugly when he was hit from the front and the back of his head bounced off of his linemans knee. It was a legal hit. Check out the video, I can say if you watch this hit, Tebow's feet come completely off the ground when the UK player hit him. It was a tough shot and hopefully Tebow will be ok. My question would be why does Urban still have Tebow in the game? This game wasn't close at all. It was 31-7 in the third and Florida was about to score again. Why is he still in the game?

Ok. This weekend we host LSU between the hedges. Who is LSU? Well they are like Georgia, they haven't played well, and they don't really have a true identity. Georgia has really escaped so far this season, now the real schedule begins. The turnovers and penalties have got to stop. I think Georgia can win this game though.

Let's hope for a great week of practice and a DRY game on Saturday.


Rankings by ESPN

Rambo, Wooten join young playmakers -

More talk about AJ Green

A look at the LSU Tigers

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three words...

It's Friday, it's friday. How about that game last night? Ole Miss and Snead looked terrible. Period. One thing to note, how good is South Carolina's defensive line? They dominated the Rebs offensive line all night. That poses the question, how good did Georgia's offensive line playagainst SC? I would say very well! Good job guys!

The emails continue to pour in about how Willie has got to do something, demote Willie, fire Willie, etc. (Not sure why you guys don't post these thoughts instead of emailing me?) Anyways, I have thought about it, slept on it, drunk talked it, and I am going to calmly say this about Willie Martinez. I don't know?

I will say this as my opionion. I think Willie is a good coach, he has produced good defenses before, he didn't just lose it. I have two words the coaches need to take to task.

Accountability - CWM and CMR need to start holding these guys accountable for their play. If you don't have your head in the game or if you want to half ass tackle. Peace, throw in another guy. Give a kid a chance to show how hard he wants to play, let him show you that he can learn and wants to give it his all every play.

Expectation - To me the expectation is not set high enough. These players should know that poor play is unacceptable. Instead they talk about it after the game. Has anything changed? No. The coaches should not let them expect this, put other players in the game if your starters are getting rolled up and smoked.

I have one word for the players.

Hunger - Where is the hunger? Where is the pride? I sure haven't seen it so far...

It seems we have a tailback issue at Georgia. Who should get the rock? King or Samuel?
King looked good in his first game back, Richard fumbled twice. What will CBM do? I can say that both backs have protected Cox well this year. I would like to see King play an entire game so we can see what he looks like as the game goes on. Either way I hope both guys go out and play great this week.

I am 25-2 on the SEC season so far. I picked SC over Ole Miss but I didn't get to post for it to count. That game was going to be my upset for the week. Last week I hit my upset of Miss State over Vandy. I really think the LSU vs Miss State game could be close. Miss State is playing with a lot of confidence and the game is at home. I've still got my $$ on the Tigers though.


Alabama - 34 Arkansas - 23
Auburn - 41 Ball State - 13
Florida - 35 Kentucky - 20
Georgia - 27 Arizona State - 17
LSU - 24 Miss State - 20
Tennessee - 31 Ohio - 10
Vandy - 21 Rice - 20


King happy to be healthy

Cuff CB doubtfull vs the Sun Devils

Read where David Hale talks about shake-ups in the Dogs secondary

AP top 25

Monday, September 21, 2009

Where was Pete at on Saturday?

There is a report out that Pete Carroll finally looked in the mirror and decided it was best for him to get a nose job. Have you ever seen that thing? It belongs on a witch. It looks like Owen Wilson’s nose had offspring and it found a home on Pete’s face. DAMN!

All of the reports came out last Thursday that the appointment was in the near future for Pete. Apparently the Los Angeles media is taking Pete’s side claiming that the curvature of his nose was having a deathly affect on his breathing. Pete denied all the claims about him getting a nose job though; it was swept under the carpet pretty quick. Pete went so far as to say that his nose was his best feature…
All of the reports were confirmed on Saturday around 7pm that Pete had in fact gone MIA to get that schnoz fixed because he damn sure wasn’t anywhere to be found during the Trojans loss on Saturday night.
The mighty Trojans lost to a team that didn’t win a single football game last year, where you at Pete? Matter of fact the Trojans looked pretty bad. I don’t want to take anything away from Washington but there is no way USC should have lost that game. And you know Pete (and his nose) were looking at that game before the season, it was against his old assistants. I was shocked to see that the Trojans lost and even more shocked to see that Pete hasn’t done a damn thing to fix his sniffer.

On a serious note, I like Pete Carroll. A little bit. I am glad the Trojans lost, I think their SOS and the fact that USC doesn't have to play a conference title game is about a crooked as say...Pete’s nose.


I think everyone understands that the Dogs defense is in trouble. Well, they didn't all play bad, let's look at what they did here and there.
Justin Houston - this was his first game back from his two game suspension and he played well. First thought, no he didn't have a sack. However, he did record 7 tackles and 1 for a loss.
Owen, Adkins, & Weston - Didn't play well against the pass. They aren't really creating pressure but they are stopping the run...too bad the razorbacks didn't try to run.
Rennie Curran - He recorded 11 tackles and made a lot of plays but he didn't play a great game either. He was lost on pass coverage, the LB's said themselves that they were caught looking into the backfield instead of dropping back in to coverage.
Reshad Jones - Didn't play terrible but he didn't play great either. He is still showing that he can play physical and I like that.
Bryan Evans - Cannot play with'em, can not win with'em, cannot coach with'em. Seriously though, he looked cluless. He is late to every play, he is out of postion, he just isn't very good at coverage.
Boykin, Cuff, smith & Miller - all burned to a crisp.
Cornelius Wahington - played good again, recorded a sack (thank you).

I could talk about the offense but I mean, what can you say? They all looked good from top to bottom. The offensive line was probably the only aspect of the offense that wasn't an "A". They were pushed around at times by a weak piggy defensive line. I am sure the o-line will continue to improve though.
It seems like every week I bring up the lack of Wooten and Brown's playing time. Well this week Wooten was actually in the game a bit more. He didn't catch a pass but he did get a hand off. As for Brown, I wasn't counting but I would say he might have seen around 3-7 snaps.

This Saturday the Dogs play the Arizona State Sun Devils. So far Az State is 2-0 and is averaging 44 points per game. Through three games Az State is #1 in turnover margin, they haven't turned the ball over yet. The Dogs are dead last in turnover margin, we've turned it over NINE times in three games. Sounds like the Dogs are in for a long Saturday...

Az State's first two opponents are from non-BCS conferences - they blow. If we play decent we send them on a long plane ride home. There is no way Georgia should lose this game at home to this middle PAC-10 team. We need this win and Georgia will take care of business. I can't wait to see how the Sun Devils react when Sanford Stadium is in their ear-hole. I have a feeling that the Sun Devil fans that do make the trip will follow suit with this nice young lady and drink their loss away. I say cheers! There's no better place to do that - The Classic City


David Hale says its back to the drawig board for the Dawgs D

Battle Hymn Notes - Richt appreciates Huskies and Beavers

An explosive offense and a clueless defnse

Wow! What an offensive explosion on Saturday night! The Dogs offense looked better than ever and Joe looked on point. But I also saw a dredful razorback defense. Overall though you have to be excited about the Dogs play on offense. Two weeks in a row they have powered back from being down to outlast the SEC competitor.
I consider us very lucky so far. To surrender that many points and come away with a win is incredible. As of now Georgia is 97th in the nation in total defense...that is sad.
If the defense doesn't get any better we are in trouble, big trouble. Shootout seasons do not usually pan out too well. At some point the Dogs are going to play teams with better than average defenses. What happens when we play Tennessee and Florida? I can promise that those teams will not allow 40-50 points. Willie has got come up with a scheme that works the best for our defense. There is way too much talent to be playing as poor as we have.
Maybe the biggest surprise on that side of the ball has been our defensive line. Owens, Weston, & Adkins haven't been able to penetrate these weak offensive lines. Mallett is about as big and slow as you will ever see kickin' it in the pocket and we still couldn't get to him. It's not looking good right now, but that's what you work on so hopfefully that what the guys are doing.

What was realy nice to see? Charles and King get in the mix on Saturday. I must say I was very happy to see Orson get in the endzone. I followed his recruiting everyday and when he signed I was pumped and then to see it payoff, it was exciting! I thought Caleb looked good too, it was nice to see him the game.

I am pretty busy, I will try to update as much as I can today. Arizona State (2-0) comes to town this weekend and I will be sharing some news on them tomorrow.


AJC fan vehicle of the week. Look at the Georgia cars and vote if you like.

AJC - What can be done about the UGA defense?

Cuff has an MCL sprain

UGA vs LSU - Oct 3 @ 3:30 on CBS

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Another Friday has arrived, the eve of another college football packed Saturday looms. I love it when the Dogs play at home but for the away games there is something to be said about being able to watch all of the best games being played on Saturday.

That's exactly what I will be doing too. Headed down to watch Whitewater High school take on Carrollton High tonight. Should be friend Wes (pic: wes tailgating last year) is a coordinator for Whitewater and I will be patrolling the sidelines with him. Then a good ole DAWGS party at the house on Saturday. Can't wait to eat, drink and watch the Dogs play Saturday night!

Not much going on, it's Friday and I am ready to bounce out of the office. The Dogs practiced inside yesterday. It gave the guys some leg rest and kept them from practicing in the rain.

In CMR's presser Thursday afternoon he talked about Brown and Wooten getting playing time. He didn't say how much the two freshmen would play but he said the longer the season went on the more involved they would be. It wasn't until the fourth game last year that AJ really had a coming out party. That was against Arizona State. AJ did see a lot more playing time before that though, so we will see what happens. What we need is Georgia to get a comfortable lead and let these guys get some game time. CMR is still worried about the freshmen not knowing their assignments. There is only one way to find out coach - put'm in!

I must say I found a lot of joy in watching GT get pounded last night. Their defense looked awful and that garbage offense didn't work. Maybe it's because the players were too busy making this lame video. Miami piled up 450+ yards while tech rushed for 95 yards, while Nesbitt only connected on 6 passes. WOW! What an ass kickin! Final was 33-16

Picks for the week:

So far in the season I am 16-2 on my SEC picks

Alabama - 35 North Texas - 9
Arkansas - 24 Georgia - 34
Auburn - 28 West Virginia - 21
LSU - 42 UL Lafayette - 13
Ole Miss - 27 SE Louisiana - 14
Miss State - 21 Vanderbilt - 20
Florida - 41 Tennessee - 16
Kentucky - 21 Louisville - 17
South Carolina - 31 FIU - 14

I am going to take Miss St. over Vandy as my upset. Good pick? As you can see I am picking the Dogs to win on Saturday. What do you think? Dogs roll or will it be a grinder till the end?


Georgia is raking the Southeast looking for another RB to add to the 2010 signing class - AJC

David Hale talks about the TE for Arkansas - Georgia is aware of him (they better be, he is solid)

College football's television schedule thanks to - Bob Epling's
College Football Website

One of Florida's most hyped up freshmen is out for the season - Andre Debose

Read here - Arkansas DB claiming to shut down AJ Green.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A little here, a little there

King RB is set to play on Saturday against Arkansas. Richt said that he watched King throughout the entire practice yesterday and that he looked good. He went on to say that he didn't know how many reps King would see though. My guess is that he will see at least 5-10 and you probably will not see too much of Thomas.
Also noted was the fact that Justin Houston will be posted up in the DE position. This means the Dogs will be able to go back to rotating Adkins, Owens and Weston in the middle. We need Houston to be good and fresh. Like I stated before, Mallett is slow and let's hope he's dumb.

I must say. I F'in hate Bobby Petrino. I for one am a Falcons fan so when he left the team in the middle of the season I was a little pissed off. Who does that? Petrino does. Couldn't even finish the season that he started.

That's like opening a beer and not finishing it - who does that? Petrino does.

I guess I will talk about it since I continue to hear about it. Tennessee and Florida play this weekend. In case you forgot, Lane Kiffin was hired by Tennessee and ever since, he has done nothing but crapped out of his mouth. Meyer cheated, I will sing rocky top all night after we beat the gators this year, blah, blah, blah! We get it Lane, Monte probably hated you as a child and now you're "that guy". How about relaxing a little bit and start coaching? Matter of fact shut the hell up and let your daddy do the coaching. Bottom line is that Meyer and the gay-turds will probably destroy the volunteers this weekend - ok great, I have heard enough about it.

In reality it would be good for UT to beat Florida, that would help the Dogs in the east, which is a whole other article in itself - I will say this though. It's hard to pull for Kiffin. I hate Meyer, but at least he's proved his worth. Meyer has endured a bad season, he has represented the SEC. Kiffin hasn't even played an SEC opponent yet, until you get in the grind - shut it!

Is Auburn...good?
I don't know if it is too early to tell but I just watched the Tigers beat the hell out of Dan Mullen's sqad. That might not stand for much but what I saw was a tough looking Auburn offense. There was a lot of pounding the rock mixed in with some wildcat, it looked like a shade of that paul johnson bullshit trickery option, wing T, flexbone, triple option, double option, whatever the hell might work as long as we don't throw it offense. Truthfully the Tigers ran the ball well out of many different formations but they did throw the ball too. Matter of fact they threw it in the park of about 200 yards but they rolled up 390 on the grass. We will see how the Chizz ship is floating in a few weeks. Something tells me they might pull out at least an 8 win season...


Wednesday's post practice from Coach Richt

Green is bringing some fire to the Dogs

Dogs getting ready for their first SEC road test

Tailgating disaster - here is a picture of North Campus after the tailgating for the SC game. People, if you are tailgating you cannot do this! We will not be tailgating on campus for long if this keeps up. Please be respect the campus.

Check out this site - Razorbloggers - Hog country seems to thing that Georgia is going to get killed come Saturday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dogs need to play a complete game

So far the Dogs have played two games (1-1). We still aren't firing on all cylinders. Yes, we have a lot to work on in different areas but the turnovers and our time of possession are killing us. Three turnovers in both games, we are lucky to be 1-1 with that going on. Time of possession was basically 25 minutes for both games. It's killing our defense and only making our opponents defense stronger.

Dogs offense - Bobo has got to start pounding the football. Yes run with Samuel or King or whoever...lead them with Chapas, abuse the defense and tire them out by the second half. I don't think we should even use Thomas in the first half, use him later in the game after their defense is gassed.

We have got to start utilizing Orson Charles - he is clearly a mismatch with his speed and can be a game changer.
And of course look for AJ Green early and often. Use him often because of obvious reasons. Use him early so their defense keys to him and Cox can light up other receivers.

Dogs Defense - We have to stop the run - the Dogs defense surrendered 172 yards rushing to the Pokes and 114 to the Cocks - that will not win many games. I am not sure why our veteran line is getting pushed around but we need to get it fixed.
We need a pass rush - I hope Justin Houston comes in and crushes Mallett. We need it and he is S-L-O-W.

Overall the Dogs have played two tough games. The pigs haven't played jack shizz. It helps us because we have played competition but it favors them because they have been planning for us. Only time will tell...

Tossing a bone: What if Bobo and Richt have been hiding plays so far, plays they have been waiting to surprise the pigs with? What if that is why we haven't seen Logan, this could be his hawg dance! Maybe we haven't ran the field with Marlon, Wooten, Green and Charles because that will be our first offensive set come Saturday?!? I'm fired up! I hope we see the Dogs slaughter the Hogs Saturday night!


Big time news comes out about the #1 running back recruit. Marcus Lattimore had taken UGA off of his lists of schools...he was at the UGA vs USC game and now the Dogs are back on his radar - see what Marcus had to say about the Dogs and Sanford Stadium

CMR presser and written notes about Arkansas and more

Cox talks a little more about his "injury"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Willie, willie, willie...

It's Tuesday and I almost wrecked my truck on the way to work. Apparently after one game this year (the hogs didn't play this past weekend) Bobby Petrino said he thinks his team is ready to win the SEC west in '09. I mean I like the positive attitude I guess but let's not get carried away. You beat Missouri State and have yet to face an SEC opponent and Petrino is ready to make a run?!? Maybe he means another run for the door? I strongly believe the Hogs have a good team but I'm not drinking that slop. Also out of Petrino's lying mouth - he said that the Hogs have been prepping for the Georgia game since fall practice. That's a long time to get ready for one game. Maybe Arkansas will make rings for the team if they win like the bees did...losers

One more word about Willie Martinez. I listen to Mike and Mike in the morning, every morning. I love it, if you haven't heard or seen it, check it out! On the show this morning Mike Golic brought up a great point about defenses. Dog fans liked the fire in BVG and when he left fans seem to think that a lot of "attitude" left with him.

Golic seems to think it revolves around our defensive scheme - "bend but don't break"

Fact is that football players like to attack, right? Well in a bend but don't break defense you read the offense and then react, there isn't really an attack mode. This is why you see a defense that isn't jacked all game long. They are giving up plays by design, they aren't being let loose to attack the football. Should Willie let them fly? Or is the best scheme for the Dogs a bend and don't break?


Words from Deangelo Tyson

David Hale - Good news, Bad news - Week 2

Munson clips

Saturday's win was HUGE for Dawgs

Georgia is now 1-1 after the Dogs beat SC 41-37 Saturday night in Sanford Stadium. How big was the win? HUGE. Not going 0-2, HUGE. Gives us confidence going in to the Arkansas game, HUGE. Deangelo Tyson swatting down the PAT, HUGE. Rennie Curran knocking the last pass of the game down, HUGE. Boykin with a 100 yard kick return and a very athletic pick, HUGE. The game was riddled with HUGE plays but aside from that we also saw a completely different Georgia team than the week before...

*Joe Cox played much better
*The offensive line played great against a tough fat SC defensive line
*Samuel ran with authority, he looked great to me
*AJ Green played excellent again
*Branden Smith can absolutely fly - when he came across the line and the seam was closing quick the kid simply down shifted and smoked the SC defense!

What I didn't like? Bobo's play calling again...
Not using Samuel like I thought he should especially at times when Samuel would get in to a groove. I have reviewed the game a few times and I believe Marlon Brown was in the game for 2 snaps and Wooten was only in the game for 1. I still don't understand that, I wish Bobo or CMR would clear the air with why these guys aren't getting snaps? Logan Gray took one snap and attempted one punt return, that's it. Orson Charles makes plays, two great catches on Saturday but Bobo still isn't using him very much...I can't explain why?
Willie Martinez played a very soft defense. We let them throw the ball underneath all game and we left the middle of the field wide open all game long. In a way I can say he called the game ok. He changed the strategy in the red zone and the Georgia defense looked great.
The scheme was partly because Nick Williams LB and Dewberry LB missed the game with hammy issues. Rod Battle DE is out for the season with a torn ACL (We get Justin Houston DE back this weekend).

It wasn't exactly pretty but it was not lacking excitement! Georgia comes out with a win, more confidence and we shat on Spurrier...that's all I asked for!
But in truth it was a great night between the hedges and the Dogs are better prepared for the Hogs.


Defensive stand seals victory

Joe Cox does enough for win

Video Highlights: Georgia vs S.Carolina

Georgia drops in poll despite win - poll

Arkansas using bye week to hone offense before Georgia

Auburn has been racking up offensive stats so far this season.

Georgia announced this morning that the Arkansas game on Saturday will be on ESPN.

The kickoff for the 7:45 ET game was previously announced as going to be on either ESPN or ESPN2. The suspense is over.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bet it....Dogs Roll

It's Friday, the eve of another college football weekend. You should be working but instead you are so excited right now all you can do is surf every web site possible trying to get your football fill. Amen, I'm with you reader! I don't blame you though...Damnit it's FRIDAY! In 33 hours our team is about to go to war between the hedges!

Back to CMR being fired - Reader, be you crazy?
The thought of that at this point is ludicrous! Ponder back to the days of Ray Goof and Jim Donnan...damn that gives me the shakes

You fire CMR and the recruiting in Florida stops, his recruiting trails are deep in that state, we lose Rodney Garner, John Lilly, and Stacy Searels. We aren't just getting rid of one coach we lose it all, the ten win seasons, the SEC rings. Twice Georgia has been close to playing for the NC, in 2002 and in 2007. Who are we going to hire? If I hear one more thing about John damn Gruden I will vomit! So who will we hire? You know Georgia isn't going to throw the bank at ANYONE!

Firing CMR is a mistake, yes maybe there needs to be some changes but as it stands CMR is giving Bobo and Willie a chance to get it right. If that continues to fail I am sure CMR will make a move. Until then I suggest we support our coach and be positive. Whaaa, that last sentence came from outer space - I'm never positive, matter of fact I am an ass when it comes to my team not playing well. Any who, it's Friday and every Friday is positive! Every team has hope on Friday, so hide your UGANATION blog screen behind your very important spreadsheet and read up!

Come Sunday after all the smoke has cleared from Saturday whether it be a W or an L - I still support my coach.

The game is Saturday night between the hedges!


SEC Picks for the Week

Alabama - 34 / Fla. International - 17
Auburn - 23 / Mississippi State - 21
Florida - 45 / Troy - 13
Georgia - 24 / South Carolina - 9
LSU - 24 / Vandy - 23
Tennessee - 27 / UCLA - 14


Cox has injured throwing shoulder

Bulldogs will win because they HAVE to - for the record, I do not like Tony Barnhart

Five keys to a Bulldog win

Game Breakdown: Gamecocks vs. Bulldogs

Matchup to Watch: SC DE Cliff Matthews vs. Georgia LT Vince Vance

Richt shoots down rumors of quarterback change

Other News:

Marcus Lattimore, one of the nations top prospects at RB will be in Athens tomorrow night, hopefully the Dogs will impress.

Darius Dewberry LB and Caleb King RB will not play on Saturday due to injuries.

Nothings Official...

Logan Gray will get the start against the Gamecocks on Saturday. Prepare to see UGA run the "Grayhound" at 7:00pm 'tween the hedges.

Reports are that it has nothing to do with Cox's performance but his throwing shoulder could be hurt.

**Updates are coming out that Cox is still the starter. Looks like we will not know until Saturday?

***It's 2:51pm and word is now that Joe Cox will make the start. We should find out more at 4:15 when CMR has his daily presser.

4:48pm - Joe Cox is the starter for Saturday

Let the bashing begin...I say no

Back on Richt's job being on the chopping block...

This is all I have heard since Saturday? This is not my opinion, this is what I read/hear every time the Dogs lose.

*Georgia never beats a top tier team
*Georgia doesn't seem to reload from year to year like - UF, USC, UT, OK, etc.
*Why do other teams get more from their players like - Boise State, Georgia Tech, any team that doesn't have good recruiting year in and year out...
*Why is every game close to bad teams like - vs SC 14-7 '08 / vs UK 42-38 '08 / vs Vandy 20-17 '07 / vs Troy 44-34 '07, etc. Why does UGA not handily beat these mediocre teams?
*Why is Bobo running the offense when he screws so many games up?
*How does Georgia not have a DE that can rush the passer? UGA has been in the top ten in recruiting since 2001.
*How did Alabama rush for 268 yards against a great VT defense? Saban has only been in tuscaloosie for three years, why does he already have four AWESOME running backs? The BAMA offensive line was supposed to be "revamped". UGA has been recruiting supposedly TOP running backs since FOREVER, yet we have guys who ran for 95 yards against a TERRIBLE Okie State defense and we have a veteran offensive line. WTF is going on?? How do the Dogs under perform that much?
*CMR should go back to calling the offensive plays

What do you think? Get rid of Richt? What IS the problem?

I don't have these answers, but I think about it all the time. I have my opinion...I will share it later. As for now I am trying to stay positive. Starting off 0-1 is a horse pill to swallow, but we lost to a team ranked ahead of us at their house. Lets look forward to Saturday against the gamecocks and pull our Dogs through. I am fired up about our first home game of the season and it's going to be a night time showdown.


Nick Saban is making a lot of money coaching the Alabama college football team, seems to me he is earning it...

Caleb King still questionable - CMR said that Caleb has not re-injured the hammy, but Caleb has been tiring in practice because he couldn't keep conditioning while he was hurt.

Carver high school coach lifts ban off of Georgia - Why did he lift the ban? One reason is because Carver has two outstanding juniors this year that have Georgia #1 on their list.

Dogs to change lineup this Saturday - I love it! Thank you for watching the film and making the correct changes or at least giving it a shot. Like I said Chris Davis struggled on the o-line, he will be replaced by Justin Anderson. Mike Moore will not start, T.King will.

It's not mentioned here but Logan Gray took two hours of first team snaps yesterday in practice. Are we about to see a QB change?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Really, you didn't notice?

It's Wednesday - I just read some disturbing news. I expressed my disappointment about the coaches not playing Marlon Brown or Rantavious Wooten against Ok State.

Tony Ball said he simply didn't realize Brown and Rantavious Wooten hadn't played against Oklahoma State. Are you kidding me? Is our WR coach that unorganized?

Marlon Brown talked to Ball about it - “He said the game was moving so fast and he was trying to find out what plays worked and what didn’t work, and he said he just forgot, it slipped his mind,” Brown said.

Mike Moore said he played 55 of the 60 offensive plays. WTF? 1)that's crazy, no one plays that much unless you're #34 2)Yes we are talking about the same Mike Moore that has never been an impact player. Georgia was hoping he would step up but this guy really isn't great and for him to play that much is just unacceptable.

Clearly Bobo and Ball struggled in the season opener; I am scared to see what's going to happen when they only have a week to prepare. The Dogs surely better get some things together this week.

I think Steve and the gamecocks will come to Athens ready to play. The SC offense wasn't too impressive either, all the more reason that spurrier will have his team ready...don't look for Steve to be distracted this week like he is in the picture...

I said yesterday that Caleb King would play this week against South Carolacky...that could be false. Word on the street is that King did not practice full contact yesterday, if he still can't practice by Thursday he most likely will not play. That is bad news for the Dogs. We need King to run with Samuel - Thomas, from what I saw on Saturday cannot run between the tackles at all.


Richt admits to being an admirer of Spurrier

Quarterback’s teammates believe in their offensive leader

Bulldogs, Gamecocks struggle on offense in openers - That is an understatement for the Dogs.

Brown and Wooten Will Play vs. Cocks - OOOOOH, well THANK YOU!! I guess saying they will play is dependent upon whether Tony Ball remembers that they are on the team - TO PLAY!

If you just can't get enough information about the Dogs I ran across this pod cast ( (Kit Kitchens actually got me started on this pod cast)

Here is a piece about the AU recruiting. It's from a blog "Gump for Heisman" and it's funny as hell. Check it out for a good laugh.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have waited to post because I was pretty mad about Saturday's performance - minus the first Georgia drive of 80 yards on 10 plays.
I cannot recall the last time I saw a Georgia offense look so out of it. The play calling was disturbing. The passes from Cox looked like the football was filled with helium. The offensive line was average at best. Actually I have watched the game four times since Sunday. I don't know what happened but Ben Jones and Chris Davis were a terrible pair on the line. Maybe Jones and Davis aren't 100%, I can't answer that?
I can sit here and blame a lot of people, one in particular would be Bobo. I won't do that but I have a question - Where in googly-moogly was Wooten, Lynch, Brown, & Troupe?? CMR and Bobo have done nothing but praised these guys for their practice and work ethic. Our offense was stagnant, why not give them a shot? AND Branden Smith - played some offense after CMR said he hadn't taken any snaps on that side of the ball in practice. I'm fine with the curve ball but Smith received more playing time over the freshmen actually practicing all day on offense? That seems a little odd to me...

Moving on to the Joe Cox nightmare - I like Joe Cox and I thought he threw the ball well at times. If Joe doesn't have the time to actually step up and throw the ball, he is in trouble. When Joe stepped in to the throws it was good with some zip when throwing flat footed the ball goes about 1.38 mph, maybe...I hope the energy Joe showed on Saturday was him playing sick. I didn't see a leader, I didn't see heart and I didn't see a QB who could even manage the game. I hope Joe comes out this saturday and plays like the Joe we thought we had. What if he doesn't though? Will Logan get the nod as the starter? I don't understand why Logan only played one snap at QB? Our offense was DEAD! We didn't rotate receivers AT ALL! We gave Okie State the same look all day. What kind of offensive plan did we come up with? I will go back to the Marlon Brown and Wooten comment. Why not at least throw them in there and make Ok State think about something? Bottom line is that the coaches didn't change anything and that defense that surrendered 350+ yards per game last year dominated us Saturday.

On our defense - I thought the defense played good. They gave up 24 points by looking at the scoreboard but in my opinion they only surrendered 14. And 7 of the 14 was on that great catch my Dez with about 3 minutes to go in the half. I loved the hard hits by Jones and Evans, we need their presents felt. And the hit that Jones laid on Ok State WR Justin Blackmon was not a penalty in my opinion.

This Saturday against South Carolacky the Dogs will need to be a lot better. South Carolina has an outstanding defense - SC held NC State to 133 total yards. We know that Steve will bring his best to Athens, he always does.

I hope the Dogs can get some things together, get Joe healthy, and most of all I hope the offense plays with a spark. The entire offense seemed to have no urgency, no fire. Maybe Caleb King can bring something to the offense this weekend! Hopefully he is a friggin' beast that feeds at night! UGA vs South Carolina @ 7:00pm

Tuesday Talk:

Good News, Bad News - David Hale

Georgia vs SC game notes

Words from Joe Cox: Little things hurt Dogs

Caleb King will return on Saturday against the Cocks

Branden Smith will continue to play on offense

More from Joe Cox - David Hale

New AP poll - Georgia falls to #21...after what I saw on Saturday that seems generous.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Links and my predictions

Oklahoma's Defensive line is ready??

How will Georgia approach Dez Bryant?

It's official - There will be no handshake in Stillwater.

Samuel and Thomas make a perfect match in the Georgia backfield.

Not making the trip to Stillwater - Kiante Tripp & Caleb King

My SEC predictions for the first week of the College Football Season:

South Carolina - 24 NC State - 20
Tennessee - 28 Western Kentucky - 9
Arkansas - 35 Mizz State - 17
Vandy - 27 Western Carolina - 10
Kentucky - 23 Miami (OH) - 9
Florida - 45 Charleston Southern - 0
Miss State - 20 Jackson State - 9
Auburn - 27 Louisiana Tech - 17
LSU - 31 Washington - 20
UGA - 35 Ok. State - 27
Alabama - 23 Virginia Tech - 21
Ole Miss - 34 Memphis - 21

It's the first week so the predictions will be tough. How do you see the SEC playing out this week??

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A fight before the Battle?

It's humpday people, don't get ahead of me, that means it's Wednesday. It also means that we get to see our first College football game of the '09 season...TOMORROW! I'm so excited, I think I'll drink to that.

I stumbled across an article last night about how Okie State head coach Mike Gundy doesn't think the dogs and the pokes should shake hands before the game Saturday. He seems to believe that it could result in a brawl. My questions would be why? This is something, shaking hands before the game, that the American Football Coaches Association is pushing to happen before every game.

Gundy's a man! And he's forty-two now! So maybe he needs to control his team and keep that from happening. He said his players are on edge because they have had some bad team news lately. The TE left the team, their LB tore his ACL yesterday, and their CB was just arrested.

What in Gundy's age does that have to do with fighting before a game? The media seems to think that Gundy has a hot head and likes to "punish" them if they ask him the wrong questions. Is Gundy still mad about his first meeting with the Dogs? Does this maybe have anything to do with the Dogs biting that Pokie ass 35-14 in '07?

With all of that on the table, I don't think it's a good idea either. My reason isn't because the players are upset right now. My reason is that these players have prepared for a week to skull-thump their opponents, so why play nice before the game?


More talk about the schedule

Dogs won't hold anything back in '09

Questions abound for both teams in Saturday's game

Receivers at center stage in Georgia-OSU opener

CMR - "I think we figured out we ought to throw it to him more" Check out this great video of the AJ Green highlights from last year. Notice the TD catch against GA Southern...Cox threw that pass to AJ for his first college TD.

I wasn't really asked this question but I started to think about what the AU Tigers have this season? I guess that is the question that no one really knows? The Tigers went 5-7 last year (frown) but could they have been a lot better without the change to the Troy spread offense? Is there enough talent on that team to compete for an SEC west title? I would think that this team could only go up from last year. They have a solid offensive coordinator in Gus Malzahn. They added Ted Roof as the defensive coordinator and a whole new group of assistants. So can the tigers offense help the defense this year? And how good will the defense be with Roof and "the Chizz" bumping heads on schemes?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I saw it again for the fourth time last night. I was getting ready to watch Favre play and ESPN decided to show the Lou Holtz National Championship prediction for 2009. First off, Lou Holtz is a DUMBASS! He has to be paying ESPN for his job, there is no one on TV I would rather NOT SEE (maybe Mark May see minute 3:38 of this video). All of the ND talk, the stuttering, the slobbering, and total bullshizz he brings to national TV is a joke.

Lou picks ND to play for the title in '09...WHAA?? Lou are you retarded? One more time, Lou are you retarded?

ND won three games in 2007, losing to powerhouses like Air Force. They did beat Duke that year, so props on reaching that goal!
In 2008 ND won seven games, this time throwing beat-downs on teams like SDSU (2-10 in '08), Washington (0-12 in '08), & Hawaii (7-7 in '08). The most impressive feat of '08 for ND was losing to Syracuse, a team that won a total of THREE games last year.

If ND plays for the title game this year I will be very ashamed. I will say this, if the Irish have any talent at all they should only lose one game this year and that would be to USC. They do not have any other ranked teams on the schedule, actually the highest ranked team they play is Michigan at #37 respectively (not really because no one likes Rich Rodriguez including his players apparently). ND has earned nothing, will earn nothing and that prediction is simply pathetic! Thanks for wasting my time Lou...

Tuesday Links -

More interviews from Stillwater, OK

Caleb King is back doing light work outs. Word is that if King can't practice full speed today he will not be making the trip out west. CMR is "only taking players that can play and contribute to the team".

OSU defensive back Perrish Cox was arrested for driving with a suspended license. My guess is that there is no way Gundy suspends his DB before Georgia raids Stillwater.

Breaking News just came over the blackberry from ESPN. Ok State's Starting TE Jamal Mosley has left the team for personal reasons. This leaves the Pokes' with their backup TE, Wilson Youman. Youman piled up one catch last year for four yards.