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Keeping the faith in everything DAWG

Finally football season is just a few days away! Now that we are getting close I find myself in multiple conversations everyday about the upcoming season. I truly believe that 2009 will be a good year for the dogs. I continue to hear and read bad things about the football team, what we are missing, we lost this guy, Willie Martinez can't get it done, etc. I just can't see why we are a bad team now? There were huge expectations for the dogs last year and we didn't make it happen. In 2003 we lost to LSU in the SEC Championship, so in 2004 of course there were huge expectations again. We didn't get it done and that's when the transformation happened. We lost a helluva squad after the 2004 season...

Squad - David Greene, David Pollack, Odell Thurman, Thomas Davis, Reggie Brown, & Fred Gibson.

After losing our "superstars" the dogs marched on to the field in September of 05' and began a SEC title run. None of the "experts" thought we could reload and play well with an unproven QB. The 2005 Georgia football team believed in DJ Shockley, the same way this 2009 team believes in Joe Cox. To catapult the 2005 season we started out with a tough Boise State team that the "experts" thought would have an explosive offense - they scored 13 points that day. Behind our "unproven" QB the dogs fired out 48 points between the hedges. I am keeping the faith this year, I thought we could do it last year, and the years before - I will always believe.

As I did some research on the 2005 team I discovered that the 2009 team has some key pieces that experienced that Championship. Wide Receiver Brian McClendon was on that team - he is now the running back coach. Our freshman quarterback learning from the side lines - Joe Cox. We also had another freshman on that team that started - Jeff Owens. This video from Noops Dawg fits well for the message.

Read about Georgia's return to the basics and what pressure Richt could be feeling from Meyer on this piece by Weiszer.

Just how good are Charles and Lynch?

The "experts" are saying that the Big 12 is the strongest conference this year. UGA vs Ok State will only add fuel to the fire.

Dogs begin preparation to stop the cowboys in season opener.

Breakdown by position - QB - WR/TE - RB - LB - D-Line - O-Line

The Ninth Annual HERBIE Awards

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I caught a segment off of ESPN last night where Todd McShay was asked the question, "What quarterback would you want if you have one game to win?"
In my opinion, if you have watched college football the last two years the answer should be simple right? As much as I loath the virgin saint down in Gainesville, that has to be your answer right?

Todd McShay takes Colt McCoy as his one game wonder. Todd needs to loosen that gangsta tie and give me a reason he chose Colt over holiness Tebow. Both quarterbacks have all the skills to win at the collegiate level, but Timmy seems to NOT lose when it matters most. I'm putting my pocket change on the virgin.
Maybe there is an argument for Sam Bradford, why would you not consider him? He only threw 50 touchdowns last year...
Who would you want as your QB to win one game?

Injury Update for the Dogs:

Ben Jones is still not on the field

Caleb King on on the field but is in a non-contact jersey

Darius Dewberry is back on the field

Aaron White is back on the field

Akeem Dent is still non-contact

Reshad Jones is back on the field

Bryan Evans is back on the field

If you are headed to Stillwater, this is a must read interview on what to expect.

Bryce Brown will have the opportunity to wear his hunter orange, the NCAA has cleared him to play.

A piece on RENNIE CURRAN - Can't wait to see Rennie crush Zac Robinson!

Small interview with Coach Gundy

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SEC preview

So we are 7 days away from the first SEC game of the 2009 season. That game is between the NC State Wolfpack and the South Carolina Cocks on Sept 3 @ 7:00pm. The SEC season is like a piece of clay sitting on the pottery spin wheel waiting to be molded into something special. I hope that special mold is an SEC title for the DAWGS. Let’s take a look at the games that I believe will shape the SEC in 2009. (These games are listed by date not by relevance)

Georgia on the road at Arkansas on Sept 19. I see this as the dogs biggest trap game of the season. Georgia is basically the first real game for the hogs. They play Missouri State on Sept 5 and then they have a bye week before the dogs come to town.

LSU in Athens on Oct 3. The last time LSU came to Athens was a great day in my life. We pounded LSU to a 45-16 bloody mess (they deserved it after beating the dogs twice in '03). I hope the same for this year and I know I will not be anywhere other than Sanford Stadium.

Oct 10 Gators @ LSU. Yes the gators play UT on Sept 19 but I have a very strong feeling that Urbie will prove a point to the first year fairy in Knoxville. Some believe that the LSU match up will be a rematch for the SEC title, I don’t see it that way but no doubt it’s going to be a must see game.

Alabama @ Ole Missy on Oct 10. I truly believe that the tide will win this game because of their defense. Ole Miss only has an offense and if the tide can control it they will be fine, but it is a huge game for the west.

Arkansas @ the swamp on Oct 17. It is a home game for the reptiles but for some reason there has been a lot of buzz about this game being a trap game for the gators.

Halloween day at 3:30 the dogs will be in Jacksonville for the world’s largest booze fest. Georgia will have two weeks to prepare for this game. I expect a big game for the dogs and I expect Richt not to play by the rules in this game. I think he will take that extra week to make some different packages and add some trick plays. Will it be enough to knock off the 2009 golden team?

On Nov 7 the bayou Bengals travel to Tuscaloosa for what I believe will be the SEC west showdown. Whoever wins that game will be representing the west.

UF@ South Carolina game on Nov 14. This will be an away game for the gators and you know the ol’ball coach would love to spank Urbie…literally.

LSU @ Ole Missy on Nov 21. I am adding this game because I just noticed that LSU has a fierce schedule that I haven't heard much about. LSU plays @ UGA, the next week UF comes to town. Then on Nov 7 they play at bama and to finish @ Ole Miss on Nov 21 and then they host Arkansas on Nov 28. Those are going to be two tough stretches for “the hat” to game plan for.

The LSU Tigers will travel to Arkansas on Nov 28 for the battle of the golden boot. I know I said that the winner of the UA – LSU game would crown the winner of the west but this game could change things. Arkansas, like I have said before could be the spoiler for the west and this could be a very dangerous game for the tigers.

I know every game in the SEC matters; I'm sure that more than one team will be "upset" this year, that’s why we play the games. (You PLAY to win the GAME! – Herm Edwards Great video, me and dad we talking about this video this other day, pretty funny stuff) Anyways…Did I miss any games that should have been mentioned??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wednesday's Writings...

It's Wednesday, we are 10 days out

UT suffers a huge blow to their Offensive line - ARTICLE

Trends show - SEC Title game to be UGA vs LSU - ARTICLE


Toughest Schedule in the SEC for 2009 - ARTICLE

Word is Crompton had the strongest hands on the bottom of the tickle pile and that won him the starting nod from Kitten - ARTICLE

The Oklahoman...blah blah blah

I have been thinking a lot about the season opener in Stillwater (as you can tell from previous postings). I know how I feel about the game but I got curious as to what the pokes out west thought about the GEORGIA BULLDOGS coming to town…
All I needed to do was pull up the Sports page on the Oklahoman newspaper and I got my answer…fifty percent of the headlines were about GEORGIA. Most of the headlines are about how we lost Stafford and Moreno though, headlines of what the Dogs will do without them? Looks like the pokes are looking at the past and not the future, the future that’s going to invade Stillwater on September 5.

The Oklahoman headline: GEORGIA football team has big shoes to fill

“Joe Cox, a senior career backup, lacks the arm strength and swagger of Stafford”

“Georgia lost last year’s best cover corner, Asher Allen. Dez Bryant and the Cowboys quarterback Zac Robinson may be the best pitch and catch combo the Dawgs have seen.”

“The Bulldogs ranked just 72nd in sacks a year ago.”

Maybe it's just the media that is over looking the dogs...Coach Gundy has his cowboys on media lock down. He instructed his players and the media to not have contact for a ten day period recently. Looks like Gundy is trying to get his team focused while the media in Stillwater thinks the game might be over before it starts. I have a feeling the dogs are going stick a hobnail boot (click on hobnail boot for a chill) in their mouth on Sept 5th!

Bryce Ros' football career is over...

Red shirt freshman TE Bryce Ros will not play football for the University of Georgia.
Ros suffers from chronic degenerative changes in the big toe joint.
I am not sure yet but I believe that will open up another spot for the recruiting class of 2010.

GEORGIA coaching staff cracks down on penalties - ARTICLE

The 2009 team is a TEAM - ARTICLE

GEORGIA freshmen will catch passes - ARTICLE

If you are hungry on Labor Day - LINK

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A Dirty Video and a Dirty Schedule

I didn't think I would see or hear anything about Erin Andrews for a while. I think most are aware of the peep hole scandal involving this sideline sweetheart. Well apparently this video was planned to be in the August GQ magazine and here is a chance to see her get really dirty.

2009 UGA Football Schedule link below

GEORGIA Football Schedule

Bulldogs get defensive out west

The Bulldogs really need to focus on the Cowboys run attack. OSU has a great running back in Kendall Hunter, he averaged 6.5 yards per rush last year totaling 1,555 yards! So we know that Gundy is going to want to run the ball. Not only can Gundy attack us running the ball with Hunter but their QB Zac Robinson can run as well. He is one of the best dual threat QB’s in all of college football. Last year he threw for 3,064 yards and ran for 562 yards. The Dogs better be ready for the rush in this game and our defensive line might be in for a major battle. The Cowboys return four seniors on their offensive line; it’s going to be a tough day in the trenches!
I hope Willie Martinez is busy game-planning for the OK ST offense; they have a lot of weapons to plan for. I see a lot of zone in this game, since Robinson can run so well I don’t think the bulldogs can play man coverage. If we play man and the secondary is running down field with the WR’s then that will leave Robinson a lot of running room...

I think we will play zone and our secondary will play very well. Yes Dez Bryant is going to get his catches but I believe we will contain him for the most part. GEORGIA should be able to stop Hunter as well; we have an excellent D-line returning and solid line backers to fill the gaps. I predict a great game by our defense and a 1-0 start to the 2009 season!

SEC West Predictions?

I continue to look for answers in the SEC west. I know there is a ton of talent, but is there a complete team? Whose schedule is favorable? What coaches can get it done?

I look at OLE MISS and see what should be an explosive offense lead by Jevon Snead, Shay Hodge, and Dexter McCluster. OLE MISS finished last season posting scores in their last four games of 59, 31, 45, & 47 points. The Rebels offense was really hitting stride later in the season. Can they pick back up in the same form for 2009? Looking at their schedule, the Rebels start the season off very easy. They travel to Memphis for the first game and host SE Louisiana for game two, week three the Rebs roll out to face SOUTH CAROLINA. The biggest question mark to me is going to be the Rebel defense. You can’t win in the SEC without a good defense. Can OLE MISS get it together and field a respectable defense to win the west with? Is Houston Nutt the coach that can take the Rebels to their first title game?

The ALABAMA Crimson Tide is the team I think I am leaning toward as of right now. My entire reason for thinking that Bama can win the west is their defense and their coach. The defense for ALABAMA is going to be very good maybe great and Coach Saban is one of the best coaches in college football. He knows how to get his team prepared and they can win the west if their offense is ok. There are two major questions on the offensive side of the ball though. The Tide will be breaking in some new offensive linemen. The main issue with that is they will also be breaking in first year starter Greg McElroy at quarterback. One thing Saban is going to try to do is make sure that McElroy protects the football, which could present a major problem if the line cannot give him the time needed to make the right decisions. I look for a heavy dose of running with Ingram, Upchurch, and Grant (Maybe Richardson) in the first few games to get McElroy settled down. Can Bama win with a new quarterback?

The LSU tigers are a hard team to figure out. They have two good quarterbacks on the depth chart in Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee. Lee has a lot of skills, a great arm; many thought he would be the next great leader of the team. It looks like he has lost the starting job to Jefferson though. Jefferson is fairly unproven but he did play great against GEORGIA TECH in the Chick-fil-a bowl last year. LSU also has Russell Shepard, a true freshman who could see some playing time this year or at least get in some packages. Many believe Shepard to be the next Michael Vick of college football. With all of the options that LSU will have, will any of these guys step up? Can the offense protect the ball this year? What about the defense? The LSU defense was not very good last year…they surrendered 52 to UGA, 51 to UF, and 31 to OLE MISS and ARKANSAS. Can John Chavis come in and tighten up this LSU defense? Will Les Miles gamble his way to the SEC title game this year?

I know I didn’t mention all of the SEC west teams… because I don’t think any other team will come from the west other than one of the three listed above. However, I am looking at ARKANSAS as a team that could spoil the west. Dates to keep in mind on that prediction…The Hogs play Bama on Sept 26, the Rebels on Oct 24, and LSU on Nov 28.

Only 12 days until the UGA season starts!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A September to Remember??

What is the strongest conference in college football? Most will tell you the SEC. The SEC has won the last three national titles. What most people that are not SEC fans argue is that the SEC teams do not play tough out of conference schedules. We in turn argue that our schedules are tough enough as it is trying to simply survive the conference. Well bulldog fans let them argue that all they want this year, but I can tell you that the University of GEORGIA will not be in the discussion. The bulldogs out of conference schedule is down right nasty! Before September is up, GEORGIA will have opened the season at #11 OKLAHOMA STATE, the next week battles SOUTH CAROLINA at home, ARKANSAS on the road and then ARIZONA STATE back at home. If you want to know what kind of season the bulldogs are going to have, September will tell it all. I hope we come out of the gate swinging this year!!

Stafford to start for Detroit’s second preseason game

Stafford is going to get the starting nod for DETROIT’S next preseason game. What does it mean for him? I would say not much as of right now. I did watch him play in the first preseason game. I was at a bar and I could not hear the TV but I know what I saw from that game. I saw a very good Matthew Stafford. Ok, it was preseason but I personally thought he played well. He was 7 of 14 with a TD and a pic. He should have been 10 of 14 but Keary Colburt had what seemed like three dropped passes in a row and had he not been wearing a helmet one of the ropes Stafford threw would have hit Colburt right in the TEETH! So I was happy to see Stafford play well. I don’t think this means that he will be the starter, but why not? Culpepper is almost done, the LIONS will not be competitive this year, so throw Stafford in and let him learn. That’s what GEORGIA did! Any thoughts, should he sit and learn or play??

Introducing Joe Cox

Just in case you can't remember what Joe Cox has done so far for the bulldogs in his career, here is a reminder. People say he doesn't have a strong arm, check out the rope he slings to AJ Bryant in the video at the 2:00 minute mark!! Sept 5th can't come fast enough!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Auburn Football Reality Show?

Wow! I am very surprised that the AUBURN program has agreed to have a reality TV show. Originally Houston Nutt and OLE MISS were scheduled to have the show but backed out at the last minute. I get it, I understand the concept and some of the logic. It could be great exposure, it could give recruits an idea of what to expect from AUBURN. All of that could be good for the program. There is always the other side though. The reality show will give the camera’s total access to what is going on. What if something negative happens? Then what?
It’s a roll of the dice for Gene Chizik and the AUBURN Tigers. My first opinion was that this is a terrible idea!! After thinking about it, I am retracting that thought. Let’s face it, AUBURN is getting its butt kicked by Nick Saban in recruiting (he is hurting every team in the SEC). I think this could be a good way for AUBURN to spotlight the program and grab some needed positive attention. What do you guys think?

Links from around the SEC

RICHT on a Rant?

Chatting with CHIZIK

Words from STILLWATER...

Bulldogs gameplan in Stillwater

By now everyone is aware that Stafford was the number one draft pick in last year’s NFL draft, followed up by Moreno being taken mid way through the first. I believe Richt’s pro style offensive style helped these guys in their NFL value. A lot of people are falling in love with the spread offense, but I believe that the pro set is still the way to go. The 2009 team is built for the pro set very well. This year we have a strong offensive line and a TE to throw to (Last year we only had 10 catches out of the TE position).
When the Bulldogs get out to Stillwater I think you will see a heavy dose of two things…Shotgun – 3 WR/1 RB sets so that we can spread out the Cowboys on defense and attack their inexperienced secondary and I think we will see 2 TE/2 RB/1 WR set so that we can pound the ball down their throat. The Big 12 isn’t a “running” conference so we would like to scheme opposite of their conference tendencies. Once we start moving the rock on the Cowboys, it should open up play action on that 2 TE set and lookout!
The bulldog red zone should be much improved this year as well, featuring both Green and Marlon Brown. Bobo could go 2 WR/2 TE/1 RB and let those two 6'5 weapons work downfield on undersized CBs. I think that CMR, Bobo, and Searels are smart coaches that will turn over a new leaf this year in trying to find playmakers no matter what their grade status is…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two weeks until Stillwater, OK. What do we know?

The UGA football team kicks off the season on Sept, 5. What do we know going in to the first game of the season? Have any rookies stepped up? Do we have #1 RB? Can anyone step up and compliment A.J Green? Are we healthy? Do we have a force ready to accumulate some sacks this year? And much more..
These are questions that just about every university has about its team. Where does the University of Georgia Football team stand so far?

Who is going to tote the rock?
Everyone should know by now that CMR is going to find a way to run the ball. Ever since spring practice it has been Caleb King’s job to lose. Not that he was touted as the #1 back but he was going to have the best shot to nail it down. Well, as of last week Caleb is on the sidelines with a hamstring issue. That’s where Richard Samuel and Carlton Thomas come in. They both have played great since Caleb has been away from the practice rotation. Both Samuel and Thomas have been good running the ball but what gets me excited is the way that they have caught the ball out of the back field.

QB killer?
The Dawgs need someone to rise up and bring some pressure from the edges…BAD! So far this fall Demarcus Dobbs has been the QB killer. Word is that he has been great all fall and for some stats he stacked up three sacks in the scrimmage last Saturday night. Just hearing that gets me fired up. I am also going to throw a bone out on Reuben Faloughi. He has played excellent this fall and maybe he can step up as well.

For the most part in 2009 the Georgia Bulldawgs are in pretty good shape. Yes, Ben Jones sprained his ankle on Tuesday but he is day to day (knock on wood). We do have a fair amount of guys in green jerseys but for the most part that is just a precaution. Quinton Banks seems to be the most serious injury at the time, If I’m not mistaken he is having his knee scoped again but will be ready for Stillwater.

Who is the 09 Mo-mass?
AJ Green is the real deal and is a staple out wide for the dawgs this year, no question marks there. Of course Green can’t play every down so who else might play wide this year? Rontavious Wooten has been filling in behind Green, apparently Wooten is known for having a knack for the deep ball. Who is going to fill the shoes of Mo-mass though? Well at this point we have some very good options, we aren’t exactly deep at WR but we are not lacking talent or size by any means. Of course we have the senior in Mike Moore, experience is great and I hope he steps up! I will be looking for Tavarres King, Isreal Troup and Marlon Brown. I don’t know how realistic it is but I can’t wait to see Green (6’5) on one side, Brown (6’5) on the other with Orson Charles (6’3) in the slot or at TE. That is a lot of speed and size to contain!
What’s Left?
We have a SOLID defensive line led by Jeff Owens, Geno Atkins, and Kade Weston. We should be very strong on both lines. For the offensive line we are looking at Ben Jones at center, Chris Davis, Trenton Sturdivant, Cordy Glenn, and Clint Boling as the starting line (sprinkle in a monster in Vince Vance and Justin “Bean” Anderson). LB core should be solid as well. We have a lot of experience, led by Rennie “Flamo” Curran, Darryl Gamble and Akeem Dent (freshman Mike Gilliard has played great this fall). In the way back we will have veterans Reshad Jones and Bryan Evans at Safety. On the wings will be Brandon Boykin and Prince Miller.