Friday, October 30, 2009

C Strong a DAWG?

Look, I am not an ESPN insider bc I hate

With that said, if you go to it has an Insider story about how if UGA loses to UF Georgia would be smart to make a run at Strong....LAME!!

I do want to read the article though...if someone is an Insider could you please reply the details of the garbage that ESPN wants to throw out there.

Many thanks in advance!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Work...or not?

Let's be honest. It's Florida week and you aren't going to do anything at work today (if you aren't already in St.Simons). If you are in St.Simons -- Cheers!
And no, checking the rankings on ESPN every 30 minutes will not help the Dawgs out.
We are underdogs and teblow's posse is number uno - fu**'em!

I'm not mad at you though, heck I'm glad you're here. I must admit I worked from home yesterday - my entire office had to evacuate yesterday due to some Atlanta city worker crushing a water line. (btw that seinfled clip - classic huh?) Anyways reader, I hope you have a solid and unproductive Friday. Don't get me wrong - less busy day at work for you and an allstar day in the mind of your boss.

Wherever you are, still in Georgia or already crushing whiskey drinks in Florida, help bring the Dawgs through this. How sick would it be if Georgia pulled out the upset? I mean, how much booze would you slam? And if you don't drink, well I don't know but it would still be epic!!

IF Georgia does lose, I just hope I don't have to see Brandon Spikes rip his helmet off and show that vomit-worthy pony tail - clean it up!

I don't really have any new news, there isn't really anything left out there to talk about. I will say this, watching College Football Live tonight before the Vtech vs UNC game - ESPN seems to think that this will be a blow out, AGAIN.

Now in all honesty, we can't really say Georgia will do this and Georgia will do that. Georgia has been very inconsistant all year so whatever they do on Saturday might come as a surprise, especially if it's good.

Do I have faith that the Dawgs can come out and back-hand florida, yes I do. Did I bet my savings on it, YES I DID!!
No I didn't.

I did read something that brought an instant frown to my face though. I admit, I was racing through the Florida websites and came across a piece that concerned me. CMR always talks about how his coaches make most of the decisions but before they do it they come to him first. I get it, like the CEO, is CMR not coaching hands on at all?? Also, earlier this year CMR talked about how it was hard to find time to practice special teams.

Ok. Florida fields one of the best special teams untits in the nation, who is the special teams coach - urban himself. In the article I read, Urban was asked about this week in practice and he said he helped coach the offense this week which he usually doesn't do and he said that he spent extra time with his special teams unit. Do we see a difference?

Maybe, maybe not, I will let you be the judge.



AJC - You are right, it's going to get HOT in Jacksonville this weekend!!

Thursday prectice report -

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dogs already have a penalty

Lane Kiffin's name is pounding the streets all over the world. It seems that his latest dropped line didn't even come out of his childish mouth. No Lane's name is being dropped by Lil Wayne - say whaaa??

"Rock my hat to the side like I paint pictures. / Smoke weed, talk [expletive] like Lane Kiffin." - listen to the line around the 1:13 mark

Would anyone like to tell me, is this a good thing? Can you brag to recruits because a rapper drops your name?

As most know...Vince Vance was arrested yesterday - driving without a valid driver's license and failure to obey traffic laws. The game hasn't even started yet and Vance already has a penalty! Not a great start...In CMR's presser on Wed night he said he will take matters in to his own hands and make sure all of the players have a valid class C drivers license.

Hey coach, since you're taking on extra start calling the plays again??


Wed practice report -

Linebackers looking to step up in Jacksonville -

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

King's day

In this game last year King saw his playing time get sacked. He also saw his quarterback get sacked on a fourth down call in the Gators redzone. That missed block that led to a turnover on downs was about the end of the season for King. You miss blocks, especially in a crucial moment and CMR will sit you down.

I know Caleb remembers what happened and we have seen him block much better this year. I hope he comes out with a chip on his shoulder - you know Florida is going to test him. He needs to set the blocking tone early and not only block someone but he needs to JACK a blue jersey up!

Media Games -

Everywhere you read the Dawgs seem to be playing the media just right. The players and CMR are down playing the fact that Meyer called timeouts at the end of last years game. I like this, do not give Florida any more gas to add to the fire.

However, these players better remember those timeouts from last year. Yes, Georgia lost last year, but they lost so bad we gave Urban the opportunity to call those timeouts. If the game was remotely close he would not have been able to waste those timeouts. Remember that - Georgia needs to go play 60 minutes of football!

Biggest key in a Georgia win:

Play Rambo the entire game, let #3 rest. We do not need the constant blown coverages and missed tackles.

In no way am I saying that it is #3's fault for Georgia's defensive struggles. Has he contributed to the struggles? Absofreakinlutely! #3 has had his share of playing time, had his chance to open eyes and it just hasn't happened, let's see RAMBO play!

Hey look, of this is not really the biggest key to the game but it sure would make me feel a lot better.


David Hale writes - It can't all be Bryan Evans' fault

Stopping Tebow is assignment #1

Meyer timeouts a constant reminder - Marc Weiszer

Dawgs are after another RB on the recruiting trail.

Dez Bryant to remain suspended

If you watch ESPN as much as I do I am sure you have seen the commercials for this new movie about Michael Oher.

Green a Biletnikoff Semifinalist

A friend of mine posted this picture - Who needs a billboard??

Matchup issues?

I went back and watched some Florida games from earlier in the season. As stupid as this sounds Florida's defensive line hasn't played all that great this year. Carlos Dunlap - he's a beast but he has been somewhat contained this year. A lot of teams play away from him though. Can the Dawgs do that? We are moving Clint Boling to handle Dunlap so will Bobo be able to trust the other side of the o-line? That would mean we are trying to play behind Cordy Glenn and Vince Vance - neither have held their own this year. I would also assume that when we run it on Saturday,it will likely be behind a FB. I don't think we want King or Ealey coming through the hole to meet head on with Spikes, Black, or Wright.

Now another problem Bobo will have on Saturday is what Florida might do with AJ Green?
My guess is that Haden will play him one-on-one to see if he can stay with him. If this works then Georgia will be in a lot of trouble running the ball (which we might be anyway). This will give Florida the opportunity to load the box on every play by bringing their safeties up to stop the run.

Georgia is going to need the recievers to be big in this game, AJ is really going to need some help. I have a feeling that Orson could be big in this game as well. The only problem with that will be that we need to TE's to block and if Orson isn't getting the blocking done I don't know how many snaps he will see?

There is a lot of questions surrounding this game. Will we be consistant in whatever it is that we try to do? With a week off before hand, I sure hope so!!

Saturday wish list:
A lot of pressure on the savior...Put some bleepin' hats on the QB!


Demps will play on Saturday reports ESPN

Georgia's defense get's one more shot to tangle with Tebow

The Georgia - Florida deal in Jacksonville

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Georgia has nothing to lose

It's that time of year again, the Dawgs are headed down to Jacksonville for a very lopsided football game. The line in Vegas is a 17 point cake walk for the Gators.

Georgia needs to play this game with nothing to lose - the Dawgs really don't have anything to lose. Everyone and their momma thinks we are going to be blown out - let's hope that provides some EXTRA motivation!

The truth is that the Dawgs have a small chance for an upset. Our defense has not played well this year and the Gators could really abuse us. If Georgia does come out and play well on defense, our next HUGE hurdle is the offensive line. If the Dawgs can't run block and get a ground game going Joe Cox will be in for a loooong day.

I don't like Willie's bend but don't break defense but we damn sure shouldn't be playing that way come Saturday. The defense just needs to play as aggressive as possible. Willie needs to let them have that this week, do not hold it back, play tight coverage, blitz, take it all out of the bag. Let the players show what they can do, let them play aggressive, give them the opportunity to make plays. The react after the catch defense blows - give these guys a chance to be proactive and change the momentum!

I talked last week about Nickell Robey the recruit out of Frostproof high school. As expected CWM and CBM made the trip down on Friday and talked to Nickell. He claims he is 100%Georgia because CWM assured him that he was not leaving Georgia. For all of you CWM haters and fans looking for a new DC, that might be your first sign of coaching changes - there will not be one.

Since the Dawgs didn't play this weekend, CMR gave the players Saturday off. Most of the players went different directions - some went home, some stayed in Athens, a few went to the Alabama vs Tennessee game, etc.

What did the coaches do on their off day?
Mike Bobo was out recruiting a 2011 QB out of NC.
John Lilly was down in Florida checking on recruits.
Willie and McClendon were also in Florida.
Garner was all over the place meeting with 2011 DL prospects.


Matthew Stafford relives his high school days.

QB tracker for the upcoming class of 2010.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sift through the articles

Latest on the Nickel Robey recruiting saga - He spoke with CWM & CMR this week, he said he is still 100% solid to Georgia, however he just wants to be sure Georgia is the right place for him?? Not sure what that means?
Word is that CMR, CWM, & CBM will all be at the Frostproof game on Friday night.


Projected 2011 Schedule - GTP talks about how light the load will be next year for the Dogs

Gainsville High school, right in Georgia's backyard has a lot of talent, but none of that talent is committed to the in state school.

Watch film, learn, destroy!!

The SEC suspends the officiating crew

Is it time to get Murray in the game? I have been saying no all year, but this article makes me think a little...should we get Murray some playing time this year??

Around the SEC, seriously, this is everything about every team - USA Today

The GA theatre can be rebuilt!!! - AJC

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Florida story...

I will not be making the trip to Jacksonville this year. I have been reading some of the Florida articles and they seem to think that Georgia is going to bow down. There is reason to think that though, we were sma-sma-smoked by Tennessee. There are Florida blogs calling the Dogs a disaster and soft. Most UF fans seem to think that this game is going to be Tebows heisman highlight film, his "famous game" of 2009...
Those thoughts are fine and so is that opinion. The florida fans should feel that way - we need to give a lot of credit to the florida fans. We, as Georgia fans need to respect their professional opinion. If you find yourself in Jacksonville looking for this "expert" opinion look for the true florida fans, the fans that have clearly been on the bandwagon for oh, 20 years...

Now that you know what to expect and who to talk to for the pre-game analysis, I need to tell you where to sit. Now understand, I have been to Jacksonville many times, and you could say that I have a biased opinion, but I have seen a lot more attractive Georgia ladies than I have florida skanks down at the cocktail party. BUT, if I was headed down to Jacksonville this year (and if I was single of course) I would be looking for this nice florida fan to do an end zone dance with...

Now-now, that was a joke. It's completely against the rules to mingle with a florida fan - that last comment was just a test. What I really want to say is that I hope everyone going down to Jacksonville represents the Dawgs well! I hope I get to see one of these from the house...

Wednesday news -

I came across some interesting news late last night, I could be late on this but I haven't heard anything about it. News is that CMR made a solo phone call to a recruit that is verbally committed to the University of Alabama. Now, at this point I do not know the reasoning behing the call. I can only assume CMR would call him in hopes to draw in to Georgia. This recruit is out of Gainesville, GA - Blake Sims. Blake is a QB/S - why does Blake mean that much to Georgia? CMR doesn't generally call recruits. We are set at QB as far a depth goes so why would Sims be interested? We have two of the absolute best Safety's verbally committed right now as well - Alec "Tree" Ogletree and Jakar "Hitman" Hamilton. As soon as I know more about this I will update. If anyone else knows anything please share.

Spurrier calls out Alabama - IS Alabama cheating?

Lane Kiffin has finally signed his contract - He has been working under an "agreement of understanding"

Check out this this from EDSBS
Is that ONE tooth on the bottom?

Recruiting Notes

It's an off week for the Dogs so there's not too much going on. While there isn't too much to discuss with the current team, Georgia has recieved some bad news with a few of their recruits. It's hard to juggle the season and recruiting but it's got to be done, Georgia is going to be under a lot of fire for their performance this year. The players will be listening out for coaching changes and roster changes. CMR needs to be on fire trying to keep these recruits together and still on board with Georgia.

In case you don't know, Georgia snatched one of the best recruits out of the state of Florida. Brent Benedict OL out of Jacksonville, FL. Some think he will be the prize of the class. However, last friday Benedict blew his knee out during a game. This is not good news for the Dogs, hopefully he will fully recover and be the player everyone expected him to be. Good luck Brent!

Potentially bad news out of Florida - Nickell Robey CB out of Frostproof high school has opened the doors back up in his recruiting. His decision to do this is based on the fact that their could be some coaching changes at Georgia and because of the Dogs performace this year. Hopefully Georgia can hang on with Robey, something tells me he is gone though. Frostproof has some of the best talent in the nation year in and year out. This could be huge for Georgia, if we can just get one kid to sign with Georgia this could be a huge step for recruiting in the future. Robey said that he is going to speak with Martinez and McClendon this week about what is going on at Georgia (Martinez is going down to Frostproof this week to see Robey, that tells me that Martinez will be the DC for sure next year). He also said that he is now looking at Tennessee and that Florida is still checking up on him regularly. By the way, I know high school football can be boring but if you ever get a chance to watch a Frostproof high school football game(their games get televised sometimes) - watch it! It is incredible how good that football team is, I don't even know if they have a punter, they score at will almost every time.


A list of the Georgia verbal recruits as of now -
Also the team rankings for recruiting from Scout

Some position changes could be in store for Samuel, White has already moved - Athens Banner-Harold

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dogs step up and stop the 2-game sadness

It's Monday morning and I actually feel pretty good, the two game losing streak is over. I had a very relaxing weekend, my blood pressure on Saturday was normal for the first time this year, it was nice. My only complaint this morning would be the weather - freezing cold Monday mornings are not my thing.

So, the Dogs got it done on Saturday in front of a monster crowd of 38,340. I thought the defense played exceptional, the d-line absolutely set the tone in this game. Geno Atkins had a great day, he hammered his man all day. I thought the DB's made some great open field tackles. Reshad Jones had a very nice aggressive pick. B Evans was on the field way too much again. I'm not sure if anyone saw the long punt return Price Miller had but he was tackled late in the run from behind. One of the reasons he was tackled, B Evans is running in front of Prince...THERE IS NO ONE IN FRONT OF HIM!! All Evans has to do is block the guy, nope.

The Georgia offense looked ok, not great by any means. However, the key here is that we had a solid showing. We have a week off to get healthy and to get sharp. I hope the team uses the extra week appropriately and by appropriately I mean studying the Gators. Speaking of studying, when I was watching the UF game on Saturday Tebow said in an interview that he watches at least 4 hours of film EVERYDAY on his upcoming opponent. WOW!

Also, I am sure most saw the change on the offense. Bobo will be calling the plays from the field in Jacksonville. If you didn't know, Bobo has always called the plays from the box. He is trying the change, he seemed to like it on Saturday. I think I like it as well. Bobo can get fired up sometimes and it could be a big boost for our offense.

Again Georgia doesn't play again until October 31. The good news with that - the Dogs are expected to get back LB Akeem Dent, LB Marcus Dowtin and FB Shaun Chapas.


For those of you who watched the UF vs Ark game, you have seen this. I am not saying that this is why Arkansas lost or this is why Florida won, but how are the SEC refs? I got this piece from

Looking for a new T-shirt to wear down to Jacksonville this year? Shop here

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another flustered friday

It's another Friday, another college football eve and I am as nervous as ever. It's going to be quick so you can continue "chopping wood" at work. Why am I nervous? Why did I reference "chopping wood"?

I'm nervous as hell because the Dawgs are a week past the UT beatdown. How will they respond? Well, that will be answered on Saturday. What did Richt say about it? "We just have to keep choppin wood"

That doesn't sound like a very confident coach.


So coach, what's the message for the offese this week? Run more like Knowshon!

OR may we will toss Murray in the game. I think this is a terrible idea btw.

It's not them it's us - The players lay down for the coaches...

How about going to Nashville, beating the life out of Vandy, take a week off, build momentum, get sharp and go to Jacksonville and put up a fight? That's what this team needs, win or lose, just play a solid game.

If you are headed to Nashville, giv'em hell! (and do not wear black!) I will be spending the weekend back home, it's sad to say that I am a year older after yesterday. I look forward to a win, but no matter what I will have it covered on Monday.

Have a great weekend Dawg fans!!

Afternoon update - I didn't read this but apparently others did. I simply can't believe it, we ended pratice EARLY??

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The talent on defense, Cuff, & some urban loving

The Georgia football team had a players only meeting yesterday. I like that, hopefully this will serve as some motivation and get us back to a "team" frame of mind. This team needs something to build on. Yes a lot of expectations are gone but it sure would be nice to win out from this point on in the season.

Here is a very interesting article by Chip Towers of the AJC. We saw some defensive stats on Monday, check out the talent level on our defense from this article.

Another note - Vance Cuff was arrested on Monday for driving with a suspended license - he will not play on Saturday.

Mike Bobo video after Tuesday's practice

CMR's weekly presser video

Georgia will not play tech in the Georgia Dome in 2011 - AJC

I'm sorry but I got the biggest laugh out of this. Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks to me like Urban would do anything to get his mouth all over timmy's in this video...guess urban was jealous of spikes in this video

It sounds like UT circled the Georgia game this year as their biggest game. Kiffin has made it clear that this was the one game they wanted to win. He is making recruiting the main effort right now, I am not even sure if he cares too much about most of the other games. He has done nothing but run his mouth since beating Georgia. He is specifically calling recruits about this game. All that's fine I guess, his volunteers did win the game and it wasn't even really close. I just wish the guy would go about his business instead of running his trap. Every time the guy talks it makes me want to just knock his ass out.

Tuesday wrap-up

Ok people, I have read some things today that seem positive.

Richt spoke today about the program:

"I have concerns about the season, of course, with the way we’ve played. As far as the program, we have a very strong program, finishing in the Coaches’ Poll 10 last year, No. 2 in the AP the year before. Six out of seven years in the top 10, that’s not bad.

"That’s the past, I understand that, but when you start talking about a program, you have to look at where we’ve been in recent history. And this season’s not over. I think when some of your main goals become less likely to be attained, it’s tough on everybody. So we’re very concerned about where this season is going and we’re battling as hard as we can battle to get things moving in the right direction this year."

OK. That doesn't mean too much to me?? We hope you aren't bailing out on this season...

Tuesday News -

Vance Cuff should be back and ready to play.

Caleb King is back in the mix. He should be ready to see the field on Saturday.

Richt said that all four running backs will be getting touches this week.

The Best news: Which I still find odd how Richt says it. This all goes back to CMR being "that" coach that cannot deal with his players. So, for the state of the defense Richt doesn't say R Jones, P Miller, and B Evans have been playing poorly. He says, "they are getting too many reps." Like, yeah they have been playing GREAT but they are just getting too many reps. Richt, just say it already!! They have playing terrible and it's time to see what someone else can do.

With that said, you fans can expect to see more of B Smith, Rambo, Cummings, and Pugh. That is if CMR sticks to his comments. He has been known to say things to the press and completely write that off on game day.

Richt also said that Wooten and Brown would see more time on the field.

I will go back to the QB situation. CMR did say that Cox is absolutely the stater still but he did say that Logan could see more valuable playing time.


Kiffin has declared a recruiting war - AJC -

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday talk

This is more of a follow-up to my post yesterday. I got some feedback about Tubberville and Smart, etc. I do not know what Georgia will do if CWM is released from his coaching vacation. All I do is state my opinion on situations and try to feed you with some of the most incredible knowledge your brain cells have ever feasted upon. So, now that we have that straight. Yes, Tubbs could come to UGA, I'm just saying I don't think he will. Yes, Kirby could also come to UGA, I'm just saying I do think he will either.

With that being said - I think if you look at how CMR runs his program. I believe he would move Garner or Jancek to DC. I think Richt would give one of them a shot before bringing in an outside coach. I honestly think he would put Jancek in the spot simply to keep Garner more involved with the recruiting. If it so happens that Garner does move to DC, look for Lilly to become the recruiting coordinator. Lilly did an awesome job on the recruiting trail for FSU.

Of course all of this talk is speculation. Hopefully the Dawgs will win the next 6 and be back on track!

*Georgia's recruiting class so far -

*Up this week...Vandy (2-4) This is their homecoming game and they are going to black the Dawgs out. They are going all black, I wish the Dawgs would go red on red!!

*I know it has been posted everywhere but if you haven't seen it, Michael Moore posted this on his Twitter after the game - "All I can say 2 the dawgnation is don’t turn your backs on us. That’s it. We need u to support us and times like this is when we need u the most.” I think this is important to understand. As mad or disappointed as you can be you still have to continue to show your support as a true fan. What Mike posted is a good reminder to how fans should continue to support the players no matter what happens on the field. (Don't forget you can follow the UGANATIONBlog on Twitter as well)

*Bruce Figgins is going to take a red shirt this year.

*CMR said last night on his Monday night chat that he would not be tempted to start another QB. So everyone out there wanting to see Gray get more playing time, it might not happen? We'll have to see what happens against Vandy.

*Also, CMR had this to say about coaching changes on his staff. "No one enjoyed losing 4 of 5 in 2006. But we didn’t make wholesale changes and kept working at things we thought were important. And we closed out by beating no. 5 Auburn, then Tech, then the #1 defense in the nation in the bowl game (vs Va Tech). In 2007 we struggled early on but turned it around. A lot of people expect blood, But we’re going to do what we know is best, to focus on the game this week".


A history of the hedges in Athens, Ga.

Check out his great post by bleacher report!! Great stats about our defense since CWM took over as DC.

Coach Richt, we have a problem

Let me start off by saying that I do not believe CMR should be fired.

What I do believe is that there needs to be some changes. Big changes, small changes, something has to change!

The defense was clueless, we can't tackle, CWM NEVER made an adjustment to the boot leg/roll out. We made Crompton look like a superstar, while every other team has made him look like a bench warmer.

The offense, if you can call it that. They huddled up and produced 3 points with 250 total yards.

This loss hurt a lot, we looked terrible. It's one thing to go out and play a good game and get beat by a better team that day. This was not the case. Georgia looked terrible, unprepared, and after the tenth roll out by Crompton I think they knew they were beat.

It hurts to watch B Evans on the field, he is so far from making plays. He isn't even close to where he needs to be, I hate to pick on the guy week after week but it's embarrassing to watch him out there. He just isn't the player we need back at safety, it's time he sits.

As far as calling out the offensive problems? Every single player on the offensive side of the ball needs to step up. Some of this could stem from Bobo's calls but it has to come back to the players as well. Like Kiffin said before the game. "Georgia's offense is the exact same offense that Richt ran at FSU in the early 90's".

Also coming out of the mouth of Kiffin was this after the game, "Georgia would not beat Tennessee again while he was at the helm".

Like I said earlier, I do not think that CMR should be fired. I do have a problem with him right now though. After the game on Saturday in his presser, he said he didn't have a problem with Bobo's play calling. Now that is a stupid response! We all know he COULDN'T be happy with it?? It's just Richt being faithful to his assistant and not telling the truth, not saying what should be said. That is an issue to me, you just played a TERRIBLE game, you embarrassed your fans and then you start dodging questions?? These are questions that the fans need answers to. CMR it is also your job to answer these questions truthfully and let all of the fans know what is going on with a program that every writer in the country is claiming to be in a downward spiral.

Something must change CMR - The way you answered the questions leaves us all in the dark. You did nothing after the game to ensure you would get things turned around. Are you at least going to try? All you said was that, "we need to be better on offense, better on defense and we need to coach better". Well, holy shit! You're a genius!
Thanks for telling us something we didn't know.

Now let me ask you. How many times are you going to say we need to get better? And how many times is it not going to translate to the field? Like I've said before, you say these things, but nothing ever happens. No one on this team is held accountable for anything. When you don't hold your players and coaches accountable, why would they change. EX. B EVANS can start each game after missing tackles, blowing coverages, not protecting over the top, not cutting his hair, basically doing nothing. So why would he change his work ethic and effort? You are going to start him anyway.

I'm ready for Richt to make some changes. Other players need to see the field, maybe move some coaches around, see who can bring something to the table.

Ok, so I have gotten some emails in and I will address them now.

1. NO. Tommy Tubberville will not get a call from Georgia. He will not be a d-coordinator for the dogs. If anything he will be a head coach next year. Plus Georgia would not dream of paying him what he would probably want.

2. YES. I would love for Kirby Smart to come to Athens and be the defensive coach. Will it happen, I doubt it. For one, he is coaching under one of the best defensive minds (Nick Saban) in all of college football. Two, Alabama would probaby pay him more to stay and Georgia just doesn't pay well. Three, Alabama is a much better team than Georgia, so why leave?

3. NO. Aaron Murray should not play this year. He needs to redshirt, he has had a tricep issue and there is just no point. After the loss to Tennesse, the season is pretty much over as far as controlling our own destiny. Let's just hope we can make a bowl game.


Richt: No big changes yet

This goes back to me talking about, "telling the truth". After the LSU loss, Richt came out and said that the poor special team play was because of all of the youth. Read this post by David Hale. This follows up the garbage that CMR seems to think he can feed his fans. Tell us what is really going on out there not something that will get you out of the conversation.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bring it

It's that time again, yep you didn't think the week would end huh? Me either...

By the way, how about that Nebraska vs Mizzou game last night? The fourth quarter was a pretty good game..the first three quarters - Brutal!

It's the eve of another college football weekend and what a HUGE weekend it will be for the SEC.

Dogs vs Vols
Rebels vs Tide
Tigers vs Pigs
Gators vs Bayou Bengals

If those matchups can't get you fired up on a Friday morning, well then you might be on the wrong site...

I'm hear to talk about my Dawgs though! I know Tennessee hasn't beaten an SEC team yet but I think this game will be tough for Georgia. I say that because of our offense. We haven't moved the ball well, its either been score like lighting or punt. Georgia seems to have big play potential but I'll be damned if we can run a clock and eat yards on the ground.

That is what scares me the most, Monte will have his defense ready for us for sure. I think Bobo is going to have to be flawless for us to win this game. Bobo is going to have to call plays like a god. This toss sweep twice in a row and a option read bullshit isn't going to get it done this week. He's going to have to call plays aggressively and intelligently - that scares me as well...

Announced today also was that Ealey and Samuel would basically split the carries 50/50. Being able to establish the run will be crucial. If the Dogs are forced to pass this game we will probably be in a lot of trouble. The Dogs offensive line really needs to get it together for Saturday.

As far as the defense goes, well I can't say too much. They have looked much better the last two games. I just pray the trend contines! The game plan, stop UT from running the football. They do not pass because Crompton um...can't? So load up the d-line and hopefully we can force the kiffy baby to pass more than he pleases.

I really hope the Dogs just abuse crompton, I mean let's be honest. He sucks.

Let's get this season back on track!

Go Dawgs!


Georgia Makes Final Preparations For SEC Showdown Against Tennessee

An article by David Hale - CMR giving the most bullshit excuse about the Dogs special teams. Do not blame it on youth CMR, that sounds like a very naive excuse.

Once a prized Vols recruit, UGA's Brown heads home - AJC

Garner wants Atkins to elevate his game - ha, who doesn't??

David Hale - Deleted scenes: Problems on the ground

Please don't do this...

My buddy Joey sent this video to me today. Yes it is a little funny but at the same time this is not how we want our fans portrayed.

This is a great example of how not to act when wearing red and black-

embarrassing video

Again, please think before you act like this.

Where does Georgia stand?

Let me start out by getting something off of my chest.

I hate the University of Tennessee!

I hate everything about Lane Kiffin, Rocky top, Neyland stadium, fat phil, orange, everything! We better not turn out to be their first SEC win damnit!

I say we put a bag over Kiffin's head and take him behind the shed, the same way UGA did smokey.

Bad News -
*Wooten has been in a green jersey this week. That could leave us short for WR's on Saturday. With that said - King (WR) will not play on Saturday against UT. King suffered a concussion against LSU.

*Caleb King is doubtful this week with a broken jaw and concussion.

*Our running game is hiding from us, where has it gone?

*Our offensive line is TERRIBLE at run blocking.

*Marcus Dowtin is doubtful for Saturday as well. He had surgery on Sunday for a torn ligament in his hand.

*B Evans is still getting a lot of playing time.

*We have the worst Special teams in the history of Georgia football.

*Tennessee has a better defense than LSU.

Good News -

*If Wooten can't play as well - Marlon Brown, the #1 recruit out of the state of Tennessee last year might get his first start. How great would it be for him to play well in front of 100,000 fans that are sure to boo him?

*Cox only had one turnover last week and I wouldn't technically count that one.

*AJ Green & Rennie Curran

*Ealey could be that RB we need, the spark to get this team going.

*Tennessee has had a poor offense - let's hope that trend continues.

Did I miss any?

Where is Brandon Smith in this offense? He played early, now he is no where to be found...

Why has Bobo completely abandoned the run? Because we fail, so he gives up? Is he just an old QB who likes the pass?

I posted these earlier, I just think it's worth posting again.

I know this is a UGA blog but I thought I would share this with you reader.
Check this video out, the announcer calls this play before the game, he predicted EVERYTHING

Also, I was at the Az. State game - A lot of fans were not, it was a messy day to say the least. Check out this blog, it is from an Arizona State fan who thought the trip to Athens was one of a kind.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A heartbreaker

I really didn't expect Georgia to lose to LSU. I am a little short on words today. This was a crushing loss. Sitting there, eight rows back, AJ catches that ball to take the lead, suddenly I thought the Dogs had done the impossible. Yes I did think Georgia would win but as bad as they played and to still get a win, incredible! When AJ brought that pass down, I've never seen so many passionate fans celebrating the way we were!
And then from Hell the zebra decides to control the game. As quick as our emotions were positive they turned completely negative. Once the kickoff was returned all the way back to mid field you could tell everyone knew we were beat. A game decided by the ref, it was disgusting.

There are so many things to say about the game, the way Georgia played. It was aweful.

The offensive line could be the worst in the SEC. The deffensive line isn't much better. I think we had a total of 46 yards in the first half!! There are a lot of things wrong with this team. There are a lot of things wrong with this coaching staff. I know we weren't supposed to beat the #4 team, but we should damn sure be playing better than that!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Please come to Athens for the fall time...

Word up! It's Friday - thank you baby Jesus!

I was hauling my ass to Athens last night and wow at all the Tiger fans on their way on THURSDAY night? Damn, they are bringing it early! I honestly felt like the minority driving down 316. I sure hope there is a mighty turn out of Red and Black on Saturday.
Please come to Athens for the fall time, I'm tailgating here with some friends and they've got lots of can drink your booze on the side walk, buy a bar where I hope to be drinking soon. Ok, sorry. I got carried away but you know the song right? - Dave Loggins?

Bottom line - this is the biggest game of the year in Athens, there needs to be lots of support and I hope to see you there!

What do we need from the Dogs on Saturday?

*More recievers to step up with AJ. In the ASU game the Sun Devils doubled ORSON CHARLES some and AJ GREEN. That's what the Dogs need, please double someone other than Green. If we can draw attention away from AJ, Cox needs to be sure to feed him like a growing boy.

*Offensive line needs to protect Cox, block a lot better for the run, and relax on the false starts.

*Establish a run - let the defense rest and pound their D-line. Please Bobo...please?

*Smart play from Cox - Ummm, how about we not throw in to triple coverage, EVER!

*We need total domination from the D-line. This is supposed to be a weak LSU offensive line, let's remind them of that Saturday.

*The secondary needs to read the play action better, period.

*The defense really doesn't know what to expect from Jefferson the LSU QB. He can run and he can pass. We need to make this kid pay if he runs, contain him and punish him when he decides to ride with the rock.

*Willie has got to be aware of the trick plays. Les "the hat" Miles is known in the bayou as the river boat gambler. Why you ask? Cause he's damn idiot. He takes more crazy chances than any coach. He does make it work though...we just have to remember he will try it.

*The guys need to come out with some swagger and play like they're at home! We need fire and energy early and we need to come out and judo chop their ass right in the jugular!

Let's hope this Saturday is just like the last few meetings between the Dogs and the Tigers:

2004 Between the Hedges - UGA 45 LSU 16

2005 Sec Championship game - UGA 34 LSU 14

2008 In Tiger stadium - UGA 52 LSU 38

A little recruiting nugget: Khairi Fortt is set to make his verbal commitment on Monday. He will be choosing between Penn State, Georgia and North Carolina. This guy is a beast, he could be the next Rennie Curran - check out his bio on

Big time recruits will be in Athens this weekend for the showdown with LSU, this trip could be huge for the dawgs 2010 class: Cody Riggs CB, Chris Dunkley WR, Terrance Mitchell CB, Juwuan James OT, and Mike Thornton DL.

I know this is a UGA blog but I thought I would share this with you reader.
Check this video out, the announcer calls this play before the game, he predicted EVERYTHING

Also, I was at the Az. State game - A lot of fans were not, it was a messy day to say the least. Check out this blog, it is from an Arizona State fan who thought the trip to Athens was one of a kind.