Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smart not looking for another job??

You can read here where Smart said he isn't looking for a new job...


Just kidding...

That's a very standard answer to the question. What was he supposed to say?

Yeah, my defense just molested Tebow & Co. so now I am looking for another job right before the National Championship.

I don't take too much from this, thought I would pass the info along.

Kirby Smart wins Broyles Award

Kirby Smart wins Broyles Award - It's the award that is given to the nation's top assistant coach.

One more reason for Georgia to get after Kirby!!

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Also, just for fun...

The Tim Tebow school of life

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coaching moves

Wednesday was a busy day. From the start in the morning everyone thought that since CMR hadn't made a move yet that he wasn't going to. Or if he was it would be after the bowl.

By noon yesterday the alert was on high. Rumors passed through sources faster than chinese food. What's going to happen, everyone was on pins and needles and like lightning - it was over. Coach Martinez, Jancek, and Fabris were out.

I felt like I needed more when that happened, I was left sitting there questioning what was next?? Is the next step going to be better? Will Georgia go out pay for what it needs to win? What are the recruits going to do?

Well I have some answers...very little though.

Let's first think about what just happened? Georgia just lost every defensive coach except for Garner. What does that mean? Will Garner be the next DC?
** NO he will not**

So is Garner just going to stay in the same position? I say yes IF he is happy. Will he take another job? Yes maybe. Garners future is foggy, no one really knows how he feels because he is always looking around. I can tell you he will not be the next DC though.

As far as Georgia getting with the program money wise. Sources say that Georgia is going to provide the necessary funds for CMR to go get a top coach and top assistants to fill the roles that are open.

The recruiting scene - we will know more in time. Most of the feedback has been positive but Nickel Robey stated that he would be "looking in another direction".
Another negative comment came from Jalen Fields who claims that his commitment is now "shaky".

Now that there is no speculating about Martinez being gone - bottom line is that Georgia has a role to fill. Who will it be? I have posted this before but here is the updated list of candidates.

Kirby Smart - (Alabama DC) Sources are stating that Kirby is the #1 target. CMR will go after Smart. Hard.

Vic Koenning - (Kansas State DC) No idea why his name is being circulated but I'm just passing the info here.

Mike MacIntrye - (Duke DC) Again, not sure why he is an interest (GT grad) but...he did get his masters at UGA and he has been solid everywhere he has been. I don't think he has a prayer at the job though.

Kevin Steele - (Clemson DC) Steele would be a great pickup, lots of experience, NFL experience and knows the recruiting trails in the south. Don't see us getting him from his Alma Mater though.

Tyron Nix - (Ole Miss DC) Nix is not even 40 yet and he has done an excellent job so far coaching. I don't see us taking him from Mississippi.

Bob Sanders - (Bills DL coach) Not sure how Sanders got in the mix? Sanders coached defensive positions while at Florida in the 90's against Richt. Is there a connection? We'll see...

Dick Bumpas - (TCU DC) Might be looking for a better opportunity? We'll see, TCU is #4 in the country. Bumpas has never been really successful until coaching behind Gary Patterson, so who's the genius?

Travis Jones - (Saints DL coach) He doesn't have a ton of experience in the NFL. Everyone seems to say great things about him. He's worked under Saban at LSU and at Miami. He now is working for Gregg Williams - his defense shut down the pats on Monday night. Maybe Travis isn't a DC but he would be one hell of an assistant.

Brian Van Gorder - (Falcons DC) Not much to say here, he's a proven stud.

Manny Diaz - (MTSU DC) Known to be one of the great young coaches. He played at FSU when Richt was there. The connection between two is there, but can Diaz handle an SEC defense right now?

Tommy Tuberville - (Unemployed) I don't like this pick but who knows?

I can list people all day, many think Georgia will score someone off of this list.

Well, that's all I know. It isn't much but I'm sure things will be popping soon. I would imagine something will happen quick with a DC. The faster we pull a coach in the better for our recruits to know what's going on.

Let's all take a moment of silence today and think about the good times with the coaches we just lost - there were a lot of good times.

You have to give it to these guys, maybe not the best results all the time but I can guarantee you they busted hump daily and tried their best. I hope these guys the best in the future and all three were damn good dawgs!

[wipe the tears] - Now go out and hire a damn good coordinator!!