Monday, November 22, 2010

Tech week

Let me start off by saying that I hate tech just like everyone else and then some. Nothing makes me happier than stomping their asses and knowing we are winners of the state for another year. Has it been a down year? Yes it has, but that doesn't mean I don't want to destroy the maggots.

I wonder how our defense will respond and prepare for the option under CTG? I'm guessing CTG doesn't have too much experience setting a game plan for that garbage they run. It's known that stopping the option is done by playing flawless assignment football, well ask Houston how well we have played assignment football...

Not to mention this is a rivalry game and you see some crazy plays in big games like this. Am I worried? Nah, I'm just saying what has crossed my mind.

Tech has one of the worst defenses in CFB, period. Just last week they gave up 334 yards in the air and 109 on the ground to DUKE. Do I think they were looking ahead, absolutely. Do I think it will make a difference? Absolutely not.

Tech leads CFB is rushing yards per game at something over 300 YPG but I am too lazy to look up the exact number but I know it's a lot. I don't think Murray and Co. will have a hard time moving the football and I do love moving the ball through the air but there is nothing I like more than to beat a team at what they do best. Honestly, I would rather see us run it down their throat for 60 minutes! With that said, I will take any win, I just like to be greedy when it comes to beating them. How great will it be for us to run up about 300 yards rushing with Crowell in the stands? It would be perfect.

I can see it now as the score board flashes Georgia 45 - Away 23, the field covered in red, players celebrating and dancing in front of the hedges, Sanford stadium at a climax all while CPJ slowly walks off the field with his head down - I live for that, I hate that man - I hate tech - I hate georgia tech.

I mentioned earlier that Crowell will be at the game, see below for the list of other vistitors. A very impressive list I must say!

2011 Butler QB Christian LeMay (UGA Commit)
2012 Wayne County QB Greyson Lambert
2011 Carver-Columbus RB Isaiah Crowell
2011 Troup RB Quan Bray
2011 Grady RB Marcus Caffey
2012 Millbrook RB Keith Marshall
2012 Armwood RB Matt Jones
2012 Columbia RB Kenno Loyal
2011 North Paulding WR Chris Conley (UGA Commit)
2011 Washington WR Zack Witchett (UGA Commit)
2011 Lee County WR Sanford Seay
2012 North Hall WR C.J. Curry (UGA Commit)
2012 Westlake WR Carnell Boyd
2013 Butler WR Uriah LeMay
2011 Valdosta TE Jay Rome
2012 Carrollton TE Zack Gordon
2011 Valdosta ATH Malcolm Mitchell
2012 Callaway ATH Ricky Parks
2011 Union City (NJ) OT Josue Matias (official visit)
2011 East Paulding OT Taylor Gadbois
2012 Bolles OT John Theus
2011 Cullman OL Spencer Region
2011 Briarcrest Christian OG Hunter Long (UGA Commit)
2011 Wesleyan OC David Andrews (UGA Commit)
2011 Bolles OC/LS Nathan Theus (UGA Commit)
2011 Spalding NG Chris Mayes (UGA Commit)
2011 Carver-Columbus DT Gabe Wright
2012 Jenkins County DT Johnathan Taylor
2012 Woodward Academy DL Jordan Watkins
2011 East Hall DE Sterling Bailey (UGA Commit)
2012 Harris County DE Jordan Jenkins
2012 Pierce County DE Quayvon Hicks
2012 Jenkins County DE James DeLoach
2012 Valdosta DE MIchael Wakefield
2011 Griffin LB Xzavier Dickson (possible official)
2011 North Clayton LB Amarlo Herrera (UGA Commit)
2012 Tucker LB Jacob Sealand
2013 Troup LB Reuben Foster
2011 Grady CB Damian Swann
2012 St. Pius CB Geno Smith
2012 Carrollton CB Jonathan Jones
2013 North Hall CB Darius Curry
2011 Griffin S Corey Moore (UGA Commit)
2011 Tucker S Chris Sanders (UGA Commit)
2011Griffin SS Corey Moore (UGA Commit)
2012 Carver-Columbus CB/S Deion Bonner
2012 Duluth ATH Anfernee Stewart

By the way, this list of visitors came straight from I highly recommend becoming a member.


j_goodson said...

Nice to see you took some time away from the porkchops long enough to post.. Nice to have you back : )

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