Monday, September 6, 2010

Game 1 vs ULL

I must say I was impressed on Saturday with a 55-7 win over ULL!!

It wasn't the win or the points scored, it was what we gave up...

We ONLY had one turnover (fluke interception)
We ONLY allowed 128 total yards (60 of those yards came from one play)

I thought A. Murray looked good, he made good decisions, he passed accurately, etc.
As of Saturday he did exactly what he needed to do.

It's hard to go through and say we did this right and this wrong from my own opinion. Truthfully, I thought the whole damn game was badass! To bring in a new defensive scheme, work in a new qb and play without our leading rusher and wide receiver from last and still look that impressive - STRONG in my opinion!

With that said, what we saw Saturday was very generic.

We saw the same rushing formations, the same wide receiver sets and a defense that didn't really rush the passer that much. Come this Saturday, we should see a lot more...

I am actually going to do a pre-game write up before the South Carolina game! I know, I haven't been very active lately with my blog..apologies.

Just to throw this out there, I loved the game. I LOVED Grantham raising hell on the sidelines. I think this team needs that, I think it is exactly what has lacked since BVG left.

In my opinion the best two play sequence was this..

Sanders Commings picks off a pass (which was an extremely good play - he stayed with the ball for 5 yards) and he curls around to run the other way, is just about to get tackled and Shawn Williams LEVELS the WR that was behind him!! FANTASTIC!
Next play from scrimmage, Munzenmaier absolutely runs a Rajun Cajun over!
I just loved the two plays in a row that were that physical, it was just great to see!

I've got to throw a shout out to Christian Robinson as well, HELLUVA game!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the game. I've been watching the Dawgs since the 70's and the style of defense that we ran on Saturday was great to see. I hope they continue with the aggressive style.

Good post and thanks for writing.